The Ark provides our youngest generations at Presence Church a loving foundation.
They are taught the beginning of who God is,
how much He loves and has created each one
and how He created the whole world around them.

They are introduced to Jesus as their friend
and the Holy Spirit as their helper.

These young years are key developmental years,
where love and connection are vital for their growth.
The Ark leaders have a passion working with younger children.

What to expect on during a Sunday Service

  • Check In at the front counter in the coffee bar 15 minutes prior to the start of the service.
  • Walk your child down the corridor to the Kids wing on the right.
  • Your child room leader will be there to greet you and your child.
  • Younger children can sometimes have a hard time letting parents leave – we suggest you assure them you’ll be back soon and allow our leaders to comfort and settle kids in. If after 20 minutes your child will not settle, you will be notified to come and attend to your child.
  • They are taught the same bible teaching as the other classes but modified for their age. Each week they are taught a story from the bible, watch a short bible video, do a coloring-in and enjoy playtime with friends
  • The service is 1 hour and a half.
  • At the end of the service, your child will be ready in their classrooms for pick up.


Presence Kids uses the curriculum of the Gospel Project.

The teaching is in line with what we are a church believe. You child will be taught about their wonderful God who created them and the world around them, taught about Jesus who loves them and is their friend, and introduced to the Holy Spirit, who is their helper in their day.

They are also introduced to Angels and the Kingdom of God here on earth.

More information on the Gospel Project can be found here